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Create 2D contour maps from Sensor simulation results

Map2Excel, an Excel spreadsheet with Visual Basic Automation, reads map data files created by SensorMap and creates drawings in MS Excel using the MS Draw functionality. With MS Draw you can also manually change the maps to edit title, delete or add new elements, etc.

Map2Excel is a simple tool to create two-dimensional contour maps on aerial or vertical slices of a structured reservoir grid. Maps can display a variety of grid properties of Sensor input or calculated results. The map display includes a slice of the simulation grid with properties in color-fill mode, wells, well names, faults, color legend, IJK subscript, depth scale and title. User defined map units are available. SensorMap can also calculate and show properties averaged across several blocks normal to the slice. Certain options are provided to control display of the main map details.

Map2Excel drawings can be easily exported through copy and paste to any Windows application in form of Draw objects or picture images for the purpose of presentation.

SensorMap is a Fortran program that reads user input and the Sensor binary map file (fort.71).  For each of the requested maps the program assembles xyz coordinates, grid block properties, fault and well positions, plus the display options. The output data are written in a tab-delimited text file with an easy to read format, for input to Map2Excel. This output file is referred to as the map data file.

For larger cases or large-scale use, we recommend Third Party mapping packages which can be much faster, offer 3D capabilities, and can directly read Sensor binary output.  We are not in the business of providing simulator pre- or post-processing tools.  These tools are provided with Sensor at no extra charge.

Images from SensorMap - Map2Excel

 Aerial map. Grid lines are off.

Prorosity distribution map, layer K3

 Aerial map. Well names are switched off.

Pressure map, layer K3

 Cross-section. Smooth layer option.

Saturation distribution, cross-section slice I33

Cross-section. Basic grid display.

Porosity, cross-section slice I33




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