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Dr. K. H. Coats



System for Efficient Numerical Simulation of Oil Recovery

The Real Advantage in Simulation

  • A True Step-Change in compositional and black oil reservoir simulator performance and reliability - a synergistic result of superior method, formulation and convergence, linear solvers, and implementation

  • Common 10x speedup for compositional

  • 64-bit systems make Sensor 64 the simplest, most accurate, and most efficient reservoir simulator for cases up to 320 million cells Impes, 80 million cells Implicit (on Windows 8)

  • Obliterates parallel model run rate -  Sensor 64 and simultaneous serial computing within your forecasting, history matching and optimization workflows maximize system efficiency and output

  • Run unlimited numbers of simultaneous Sensor jobs on a single node-locked license - the only limit on the numbers of simultaneous users and runs is machine memory - Sensor is two orders of magnitude more cost-effective than any other reservoir simulator, serial or parallel

  • Sensor "senses" and informs of extreme and non-physical specifications, and detects and deals with difficult numerical situations, to avoid potentially large errors and inefficiencies

  • Unprecedented reliability and stability, far fewer tuning controls, and minimal tuning requirements allow you to spend your time studying the reservoir instead of fighting the model

  • Assisted History Matching and Predictive Optimization Solutions using Lynx (Nitec), Mepo, and Enable

    and using Pipe-it workflow integration and optimization software (Tieto):

    • SensorMatch - automated workflow for deterministic or probabilistic upscaling and history matching

    • SensorCast   - automated workflow for deterministic predictive optimization and forecasting

    • SensorPCast - automated  workflow for probabilistic predictive optimization and forecasting

    • SensorPOpt - automated  workflow for probabilistic discrete alternative optimization

    • SensorPx / Makespx / Makeoptdat / Sensor Uncertain Inputs - basic and efficient tools and features enabling the probabilistic automatic optimization solutions

  • Uniquely substantiated by reproducible Benchmarks and examples


Picture courtesy of Santec LLC, from RExcel/REview



Coats Engineering

An Engineering Software Development Company

  • Simulator development is our exclusive and continuous occupation and business through many generations of improved simulators

  • Technical leadership ensures valid and demonstrable claims, success in development, and continuous improvement

  • Unparalleled developer-level user support, modeling advice, and custom development

Where it applies, using Sensor and our experience with yours will save huge amounts of time, money, hardware, and energy.  We can easily prove it.  Investigate with our evaluation version.  Compare with other models on the provided test cases and on your cases and machines.




SENSOR is a registered trademark of Coats Engineering, Inc.                                                                                                                               SENSOR reservoir simulation software is entirely developed, owned, licensed and serviced by Coats Engineering, Inc.                                       

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